Rustic Bathroom Vanities: A Great Choice for Small Space


Bathroom vanity is necessary component in the bathroom. You need it as an organizer or to store bathroom equipment as well as to wash your hand if you mount sink and faucet on the vanity. Each homeowner has his own style and consideration in selecting the right bathroom vanity. For you who consider the small size with really natural detail and pattern, you will love rustic bathroom vanities. These vanities are really beautiful as it is made and accented by natural wood.

And as these rustic bathroom vanities are not big or they fit to the small space, they can be a focal point in your small bathroom. And in larger bathroom, this vanity will not take much space so you can apply other rustic bathroom ideas to make the bathroom interior looks warm and comfortable.

Sure, you can also apply other bathroom interior design instead of rustic and this rustic vanity will not change its own accents for the bathroom interior.

It means although you have excellent bathroom finish with modern or contemporary design, these rustic bathroom vanities will not be influenced. They will be always beautiful no matter how you will decorate the bathroom. It is because these vanities are made of a variety of styles and wood types just like reclaimed barn wood, rustic hickory, reclaimed fence wood and rustic cedar log. Each of them has distinctive accents.

Cedar log bathroom vanities are also the popular choice for many homeowners to enhance their bathroom interior. You can look how it is finished excellently with hands. Indeed, to get perfect rustic bathroom vanities, you need to select these vanities that are finished directly by hands. And many companies also offer the vanities by hand finish. It makes both the look and the feeling or accent of the vanities look really strong with traditional and rustic value.